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Arenas of Glory

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Arenas of Glory Description

Fight against real enemies in many arenas in the cool 3D world of this game. You face the challenge of converting the population to your column and overthrowing the cruel Emperor...


Arenas of Glory is the continuation of the popular browser game Gladiators. You find yourself in 408 AD. Under the reign of the Roman Emperor, the people have had to make many sacrifices. Even you have suffered a hard blow of fate. Perhaps the hardest blow of all.

Your entire family was brutally murdered and you were made a slave to the Romans. Now you want to put an end to the horror and decide to fight as a Gladiator in order to earn respect and prestige. In the online game Arenas of Glory you risk your life in battles over and over to entertain the people.

Your goal in Arenas of Glory is to convert the people to your column in order to bring down the Emperor. The end of the Emperor’s reign is approaching, and you already are forging plans for how you will take out your revenge on him.

You have the task of proving yourself in battle to gain the support of the people. Only if they are on your side you will have a chance against the mighty Emperor of Arenas of Glory.

You will face increasingly fierce and bloody battles, and come closer to your goal of overturning the Emperor. But you also need to use your brain. Only with strength and cleverness you have a chance of succeeding in Arenas of Glory.

by Kyle Hayth

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